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Alsrom Point Tours

821 Hwy 89, Page, AZ 86040 | Phone: (928) 693-0307

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Often called the best point on Lake Powell, Alstrom Point is about 90 minutes from Page, AZ. Our tours take the guesswork out of the terrain stability, as expert trail blazers, they know the roads like the back of their hand. They have spent countless hours preparing for the best adventure imaginable for all who take our tours. Check out our tour schedule and availability.

Epic Adventure Rides

718 Hwy 89, Page, AZ | Phone: (928) 693-0307

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We are Epic Adventure Rides and we love to get away. People come from around the world to see this amazing place just to stand in line and feel crowded. There are so many places to see, experience and explore and Epic Adventure Rides gives you the opportunity to escape the crowds and see some of the amazing areas that only the locals know about. We are passionate about the outdoors and want to share them with you.


750 South Navajo Dr. Page, AZ 86040 | Phone: (480) 452-9895

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Jeep Lake Powell (JLP) provides unique off-road adventure and photography tours through some of the most scenic and remote back country in the United States, including Grand Staircase  Escalante, as well as the surrounding Lake Powell area. Escalante is full of deep canyons, scenic red rock structures, geological and paleontology history, and is home to the beautiful Lake  Powell.

Our tours are completely private - you and your party are the only ones in the Jeep. We take our Jeeps out separately (not in groups of Jeeps), so you don't have to share with a crowd or get dust in your face.  JLP mainly runs two tours, one is 3.5 hours and the other is 5.5 hours. Each includes Jeep riding and hiking, but the longer one includes walking through a canyon with ankle deep water, as well as a picnic lunch.

A new offering is the ability to rent the Jeeps and explore for yourself. The Jeep is rented for 24 hours and you're provided with an off-road map.

JLP is permitted through the U.S. BLM and U.S. National Park Service to operate commercial Jeep tours through Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument in Southern Utah.

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