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Kerrick James is a master photographer whose iconic images of the region surrounding Page/Lake Powell have appeared in publications worldwide. Kerrick will be sharing Professional Photo Locations, Tips & Tricks every month on how to get the best results whether you are novice or seasoned shooter.

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As a veteran roamer of the Colorado Plateau, I've long viewed Page as the center of my favorite universe; of sandstone spires, sculptural slot canyons, buttes and mesas that are truly islands in the sky. Whether you love landscape or adventure photography, or the combination of both, as I do, the Grand Circle around Page offers unmatched variety to explore. I'll be offering some location gems here month by month, some well-known, others less seen, with some tips on when and how to make the images you seek. So bookmark this site and rejoin me for more gems! I have photographed and written about the American West and Pacific Rim for 25 years for publications like Arizona Highways, Sunset, National Geo. Adventure, and many more and I lead photo safaris throughout the world for groups and custom trips for individuals.

Visit to see the details and remember, a great picture is worth a thousand words!

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